Gotta escape before i lose my mind.

Nov 20

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Nov 11

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Nov 04

xwolfcrew-deactivated20131109 said: Brian, are you prepared to hand out vag in a velvety box 2 days from now? We are about to fuck Halo4 up. <3

It’s not even funny how many kids are going to get their shit pushed in by us haha

Nov 03

Anonymous said: gay fag dont even play xbox suckin dick like a dad

August! I’m getting halo 4. See you Tuesday :)

Anonymous said: hi, how are you?

I’m oooook. You?

Oct 27

I brushed my teeth today.

I brushed my teeth today.

Oct 25

One day she&#8217;ll see this haha

One day she’ll see this haha

Oct 23

it&#8217;s gonna one long ass night at work.

it’s gonna one long ass night at work.

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